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The Horses Know
(Book 1 of The Horses Know Trilogy)
Available in audio!
The Horses Know

The human race has almost destroyed itself and those who remain know that they must avoid repeating the mistakes of their ancestors. But it's extremely difficult. Without horses, it would be impossible.


Amarilla is one of those chosen by a horse as a Bond-Partner. She looks forward to a lifetime of learning from her horse and of passing on the mare's wisdom to those seeking help. But then she discovers that she is the one for whom the horses have all been waiting. The one who can help them in return.

In order to give the horses the help they need, Amarilla will have to achieve that which has never been attempted before. Only her beloved mare can give her the motivation, the courage and the strength to believe she can succeed. If she does, a new era will dawn for horses and humans alike...

"The Horses Know Know opens our hearts to the invisible, to the energy of the world.  It shreds our wobbly beliefs that we humans have a corner on the planet’s intelligence.  It does this with wisdom and with joy. I don’t know how Lynn Mann reached the depths, but she got there and she takes us along with her. The Horses Know inspires us to understand that we all are in this together, every being, and that compassion is the key not just to how we will survive, but to how we will thrive.  I couldn’t be more in awe or more grateful to her."

Caroline Thompson,

writer of Edward Scissorhands,

and writer/director of Black Beauty

Reviewers say:

"Best book I've read in years."

"This is an extremely powerful tale."

"Incredible, inspired, original writing."

"A real eye-opener and page turner."

The Horses Rejoice
(Book 2 of The Horses Know Trilogy)

Amarilla and Infinity have been the catalysts for change that they agreed to be, but they know there is more to be done. If they can befriend the Woeful and persuade the rest of humankind to do the same, then the destructive ways of The Old will forever be in the past.

Amarilla, Infinity and their friends set out on a journey to find the Woeful but their search becomes something so much more due to a courageous chestnut mare, a lone Woeful youngling and numerous herds of wild horses who seek their help along the way. But the friends never forget what they agreed to do. They must reach the heart of the Woeful community. And then they must be willing to risk losing everything...

"This book continues the engrossing story of love, courage and friendship begun in The Horses Know - anyone who loves horses will love these books." Horse & Rider magazine

Reviewers say:

"Loved this book, as good as the first."

"Inspiring and beautifully written."

"Such an amazing book!"

"Highly recommend, excellent read, could not put it down."

Available in audio!
The Horses Rejoice (The Horses Know Book 2)
Available in audio!
The Horses Return (The Horses Know Book 3)
The Horses Return
(Book 3 of The Horses Know Trilogy)

It has been more than twenty years since the Kindred came to live in Rockwood. Most of the villagers have embraced the Kindred and all that they have to teach, but there are those who fear the Kindreds' influence, and so have drifted away to live as outcasts. The outcasts suffer, living as they do, but they refuse help, even from the Horse-Bonded.

Will is adamant that he can succeed where the Horse-Bonded have failed, and bring the outcasts home. But his forceful personality constantly gets in his way. He is the key to the future, but if he is to play his part, he must allow a herd of wild horses to show him how to be the person he needs to be. Only then will he understand the lengths to which Amarilla and Infinity have gone to ensure that he can fulfil his destiny and reunite the human race...

Reviewers say:

"Fantastically written story."

"I love this book."

"Awe inspiring."

"A very wonderful series of books."

Horses Forever
(A Sequel to The Horses Know Trilogy)

It has always been believed that the people of The Old obliterated themselves generations ago, but when horses begin to amass at one of the city sites of The Old, the villagers of Rockwood discover the truth – an underground city, full of people, has survived. 


Supreme City’s inhabitants have been waiting for the conditions to be right for them to come up to the surface and claim dominion. They believe the time has come. They are genetically enhanced, armed and aggressive, and they are certain that nothing can stand in their way. But they haven’t counted on Will, Maverick, the Horse-Bonded and several hundred horses…

Horses Forever is a sequel to The Horses Know trilogy, and as such, is best read after The Horses Return.

Reviewers say:

"Up all night kind of book."


"Just wonderful."

"Fantastic, can't put it down."

Horses Forever (A Sequel to The Horses Know Trilogy)
The Forgotten Horses front final.jpg
The Forgotten Horses
(A Sequel to Horses Forever)

Tania is supremely Aware and exceedingly headstrong. Her parents have kept her shielded from the full extent of her Awareness in order to protect her from herself, but now that she is twenty, the time has come for them to relax their guard.

Tania's abilities begin to emerge, striking awe into those around her, but when she disappears in the middle of the night, all in Rockwood are left shocked and grieving. All, that is, except for Will and Amarilla, who know exactly where she is and why. They also know that they will need to follow her if she is to survive long enough to help the horses whose call for help she has answered – and help the horses she must for they are the safeguards of humanity...

Reviewers say:

"The Forgotten Horses is awesome!"

"A gripping story with profound meaning."

"Prepare to be inspired."

"As brilliant as ever."

The Way Of The Horse
(A Sequel to The Forgotten Horses)

Nathan has survived the years since his parents’ murders by visiting an equine assisted therapy centre every day, where a devoted mare provides him with sanctuary from his demons. When she and the other therapy horses are taken from the centre by the police and herded out of The City Of Glory, Nathan is ready to kill or be killed.


But then the enigmatic Tania takes his hand and he remembers another time. Another life. Then, he was one of the Horse-Bonded, one who failed to fulfil his potential. Now, he is a scientific research assistant barely clinging to sanity. The fate of The City Of Glory’s citizens depends on him staying alive but in order to do that, he will need to embrace both his memory of who he really is, and the help of the horse who won’t allow death to thwart them both…

Reviewers say:

"I laughed, I cried, I learned. I didn't want it to end."

"Yet another awesome book!"

"Experience heartfelt connections, magic & a deep satisfaction."

"A must read."

The way of the horse front.jpg
The Horses Unite
(Origins of The Horses Know Trilogy)
The horses unite front.jpg

When FE88 qualifies as an enforcer of The City Of Power’s rules, her life becomes marginally more secure, not least because she has the love and support of a member of the city’s underground resistance to help her stay sane.


But then she discovers that the only light in her otherwise dark existence will be assigned to her as her next kill. She resolves to resist the regime that gives her no choice but to obey, and save the life that is hers to take – but is shocked to learn that it is her own life that must be preserved at all costs. Without her, the future of both enforcers and humans is uncertain. Even with her, it isn’t guaranteed, for her hatred of human nature runs deep. 


When the city falls, it is a horse who proves to be the two races’ best chance of co-existing. If he can succeed, the pathway laid down by the horses of the past will remain open. But some tasks are too great for one horse alone…

The Horses Unite follows on from The Way Of The Horse but can also be read before The Horses Know trilogy.

Reviewers say:

"Such a powerful & deep story."

"It will touch a place deep within your soul."

"Lynn Mann knocked this one out of the park!"

"Brilliantly written, not a word out of place."

In Search of Peace
(A Prequel to The Horses Know Trilogy)

Adam is on the verge of grief-induced insanity when a horse chooses him as a Bond-Partner and refuses to leave his side. He tries to rid himself of his unwanted companion as he has everyone else, but finds it more difficult than he could have imagined.


Just when it seems as though the horse has managed to find a way through Adam’s grief and bring him back to himself, Adam rejects him in the worst possible way, resulting in catastrophe. In order to save the Bond-Partner who has tried so hard to save him, Adam must remember what his would-be saviour tried to teach him. And he must do it soon, before it is too late for both of them… 

In Search Of Peace is a prequel to The Horses Know trilogy, and can be read before, alongside or after any of the other books.

Reviewers say:

"Another triumph."

"Sensational, loved it."

"Great prequel adding depth to a wonderful trilogy."

"Another inspiring, amazing novel."

In Search Of Peace (A Prequel to The Horses Know Trilogy)
The Strength Of Oak (A Prequel to The Horses Know Trilogy)
The Strength Of Oak
(A Prequel to The Horses Know Trilogy)

Unloved and unwanted by her parents, Rowena is desperate for a way out of the life she hates. When a horse chooses her as his Bond-Partner, she thinks she has found one – but she soon discovers that while she can leave her family behind, there is no escaping herself. 


With patient guidance from her horse, Rowena begins to accept the truth of her past, and to believe she can change. But then her past catches up with her at the worst possible moment, leaving her with a choice. She can be the person she was, or she can find the strength to be the person her horse has shown her she can be. One choice will give them both a future. The other will be the death of them…


The Strength Of Oak is a prequel to The Horses Know trilogy, and can be read before, alongside or after any of the other books.

Reviewers say:


"Great book! Hated it to end!!"

"Absolutely stunning book."

"Awesome, loved every word."

A Reason To Be Noble
(A Prequel to The Horses Know Trilogy)

Quinta is crippled with anxiety and can barely leave the house, so she is horrified when she senses the touch of a horse’s mind on her own and realises that he has selected her as his Bond-Partner. She manages to find the courage to leave her home and her village, and meet the horse whose mind calls to hers. A bond settles into place between the two of them, and Quinta’s outlook on life begins to change.


With her horse’s guidance, Quinta’s confidence slowly increases, but she has a long way to go if she is to leave all of her fears behind, and her horse is a relentless teacher. When it seems as though he has pushed her too far, Quinta must find a way to trust that everything he has taught her still holds true. Their lives and that of a young boy will depend on it…

A Reason To Be Noble is a prequel to The Horse Know trilogy, and can be read before, alongside or after any of the other books. 

Reviewers say:


"Superb story telling."

"Absolutely fabulous!"

"Amazing read."

A reason to be Nobel .jpg
From a spark front.jpg
From A Spark Comes A Flame
(A Spin Off Novella from
The Horses Know Trilogy)

When Fitt leaves Rockwood with her horse to take Awareness to the villages of The New, she knows it will be a challenge, not least because those she wants to help are terrified of her kind.   


Upon arrival at the village of Bigwood, the worst of Fitt’s fears about her mission are realised. She takes the only way forward that she can see, but her actions go against the advice of her horse and the cost to herself is high. It is only when the cost to the people of Bigwood is higher that Fitt is forced to acknowledge her mistake. If she can rectify it, she will discover the extent of her power. If she can’t, the consequences will be deadly…

From A Spark Comes a Flame is a spin off from The Horses Rejoice (book two of The Horses Know trilogy), and as such, is best read at any time after it!

Reviewers say:

"Another wonderful book."

"This book gives so much pleasure."


"Another fantastic installment."

Tales Of The Horse-Bonded

Tales Of The Horse-Bonded is a collection of short stories that will take you on a journey into the lives of some of your favourite characters from The Horses Know trilogy. 


Go back in time with Jonus and discover how The Gathering came into existence. Follow Mason through his early life and find out why it took the combined influences of Diligence, Amarilla and Infinity to free him from his past. Read Feryl’s heart-rending account of his childhood and how it led to Amarilla becoming his nemesis. Dive into Justin’s past and hear in his own words how he was affected by the fateful attack on The Gathering before being saved by his feelings for the youngest ever Horse-Bonded. These, and four other captivating tales await you on the pages of this anthology.


Rediscover The Horses Know trilogy through the eyes of eight of its characters, and hear how their lives were changed forever by a young woman and her blue-eyed mare.

Tales Of The Horse-Bonded is available as a free download for newsletter subscribers (for more details about the newsletter, please click here), and also in paperback (Amazon and good book stores) and hardback (Amazon only).

Reviewers say:

"Awesome book from an awesome author."

"I didn't just read this book, I became part of it."

"Profoundly inspirational."

"Enriches The Horses Know Trilogy."

Tales Of The Horse-Bonded (Companion Stories to The Horses Know Trilogy)
The Horses Know Trilogy ebook Bundle
The Horses Know Trilogy
Ebook Bundle

The Horses Know Trilogy (The Horses Know, The Horses Rejoice and The Horses Return) is available as an ebook bundle!

Reviewers say:

"Exciting, riveting, couldn't stop reading."

"I loved these books."

"Life changing! This series is amazing."

"A must read for ANYONE who loves horses... Even those who don't."

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