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My Story

I have felt a draw to be near horses for as long as I can remember. As soon as I began riding at the age of ten, horses became an obsession I have never managed to shake!

After reading for my biology degree, I worked as a BALANCE Saddle Consultant and riding instructor before turning my attention to writing The Horses Know, the novel that I had wanted to write almost as soon as a certain blue-eyed, piebald mare came into my life. The success of the novel led me to carry on writing and eventually become a full-time author, for which I'm extremely grateful to my readers.

I live in Shropshire, UK with my husband, our horses, dog and cats. When I'm not with the horses, I love hiking, and training and competing in agility.


The Horses Know

(Book 1 of

The Horses Know Trilogy)

The Horses Rejoice

(Book 2 of

The Horses Know Trilogy)

The Horses Return

(Book 3 of

The Horses Know Trilogy)

Horses Forever

(A Sequel to

The Horses Know Trilogy)

The Forgotten Horses

(A Sequel to

The Horses Know Trilogy & Horses Forever)

In Search of Peace

(A Prequel to

The Horses Know Trilogy)

The Strength Of Oak

(A Prequel to

The Horses Know Trilogy)

A Reason To Be Noble

(A Prequel to

The Horses Know Trilogy)

Tales of The Horse-Bonded

(Companion Stories to

The Horses Know Trilogy)

The Horses Know Trilogy Ebook Bundle

In the Press

About The Horses Know:

"I am sure that if horses had access to the internet, they would all be ordering copies for their humans."


The BALANCE Saddle Company

The Horses Behind the Books

Coxstone Infinity (Pie)

Pie was the horse I always hoped I would find. She was sensitive, loving and extremely intelligent. She was also feisty, opinionated and always looking to go out into the world and conquer! Pie was sharp, spooky and far from a novice ride, yet in a sticky situation, she was always the one I wanted on my side.

I came across Pie during a visit to equine rescue SWHP. I was there to check saddles for them but when I learnt of a piebald mare they had admitted in an emaciated state along with her three-week-old foal, a tingle went down my spine. I asked to see them and as soon as Pie lifted her head from grazing and her eyes met mine, I knew she was 'the one'. She came to live with me in February 2000, aged four, and from the start, it was as if I'd always known her. Over the years, we hung out together, we hacked, we jumped, we schooled, we competed in dressage. We challenged one another and we improved our balance and strength together as a result.

Pie had a huge influence on the way I think, my life choices and the course my life has now taken – The Horses Know books are the result. My beautiful mare passed away in June 2018, aged twenty-two. Life will never be the same without her.

Lady of Flame (Eden) 

Eden is an irish sports horse whom we took on in August 2016. She was only five, yet had already had several mishaps which had resulted in her being unsound. We were told that she may never be sound, but that time would tell. Well time has told us that Eden is brave, determined and desperate to trust those who are trying to help her. After two years of treatment and gentle groundwork, we were advised that ridden work would help her – and it did. Three years of gentle ridden work resulted in her injury being as stable as we could get it, and in Eden being as strong as we could help her to be. When we reached the point that riding her was of no further help to her, we retired her to a lovely yard where she has all the space, companionship, choices and mental stimulation she needs to be able to live a full life.

Eden was the inspiration for one of the characters in The Horses Rejoice. If you read it, you can't miss her!



Braveheart is, quite honestly, a clown. He has huge movement and expressive paces, yet he has no idea how talented he is - he's far too busy pulling people's hats off, smearing his dinner over anyone within reach, snorting at cows, performing airs above the ground on his way to the paddock and goose-stepping because he's been asked to go slower than he wants to. Now that he's in his third decade, we've realised that growing up isn't something he ever intends to do! I'm delighted to have based the main character of my fourth book, In Search of Peace, on him, as his personality is too fabulous to go unshared!

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